A day at the Cat Cafe!

Today we went to two different cat cafes in Ikebukuro ^^ the first one was “Nekorobi” and the other one “Nekobukuro”. If you don’t already know, “neko” means cat in Japanese, therefore it’s a fun wordplay to name it Nekobukuro :D. I will now let the pictures speak and the cats melt your hearts, because they were adorable as cake~!

Entrance to the Nekorobi Cat Cafe ↴






Cat relaxing on worker’s back ^^↴


4 thoughts on “A day at the Cat Cafe!

  1. So many kitties awwww xD Thats a funny idea… Lol is this a carton that looks like a microwave? ……… xD The last pic is too funny 😀

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