For all this time, at our dish place, there has been an apple seed, apparently this apple seed has been evolving, probably before we even went to Japan. And today was when I noticed it, it has become a mini plant! I couldn’t beleive my eyes at first, I thought it was salad but when I took a closer look, it’s actually a growing seed! How on earth? I guess it gets all its liquid from the kitchen since we wash the dishes twice/day. But that it would grow? Wow! Pics below. (Excuse the mess)


On this pic you can actually’s two seeds!


Of course we put it in a more plant friendly place with earth and such ^^ I hope it grows well!


One thought on “APPLE TREE?

  1. Nature breaks through everywhere. Right:) It reminds me of beans I used to plant in little cups with cotto when I was a child. I still keep a few beans that matured. And you will get free aplles XD well at least see how it grows.

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