Japan day 2 part 2 ❤

So here are some more pics from today! These are higher quality since the earlier ones were only taken with a phone cam. Enjoy!

This is at the park between Venus Fort and Rainbow Bridge!


Statue of liberty? ^^


Tried reincarnating last years picture with the Tsubaki Flower

I can’t get enough of this beautiful park!


And this is when we had lunch & dessert at Maidreamin:



I was so tired after all this shopping! Also apparently I’m in Italy? ;D (Inside of Venus Fort)


Daily..Mini cakes!!

So after Foire de Paris we decided to get something yummy, and that’s when we discovered the mini cakes in the bakery next to our home, they aren’t really that expensive and also you get a taste of all kinds of french pastries^^. If you ever come to France you should give it a try! Even if they seem too small.  Here is a little dreamy pic of them:


Friday cake day!

Hello Pumpkins!

Today I haven’t really done much but get paid for April month’s work. So what do you do when you have some money and there is a bakery right in front of your face? Let’s just say that both of the cakes were amazing! Even though I’m sensitive towards lactose this is kinda worth suffering for. ^^


A Hatsune Miku figurine that I bought in Akiba, I’m not really into HM but this one was just too adorable! Just look at the tiny flower she’s holding! :>



Hey Pumpkins!

Don’t worry I didn’t run out of pictures from Japan ;). I feel like I should let you into my daily current life as well. So what did I do today then? Wellp. I worked, don’t ask why, this whole weekend thing sometimes doesn’t apply to me, which is sad since I get less time for studying, oh well, enough with the nagging because what I really wanted to show you was what I had for dessert today ^^. I’d also like to show you one of the mini figures that I bought in Akiba! Here we go~

Om nom nom nom *-*


My Lucky Star figure ^^. I never really got into the anime itself but I found this figure to be so adorable so I felt the need of getting it~


So what about the Tokyo SKYTREE

Hiya pumpkins!

Today we spent half of the day in Shinjuku, I was desperately looking for some shopping to do before going to the Tokyo Sky Tree, sadly I didn’t find anything to my liking, and the most stores were western, such as GAP, Adidas and so on, I came looking for Japanese fashion after all.. And my wish was granted, for I bought some stuff at the Solamachi mall near the Sky Tree tower ^^.

First we had a ~lunch~ in Shinjuku in some random cafe. Ain’t it amazing being an adult? This could easily be my lunch everyday ♡ ↴



Later on, after some shopping we moved on to the Sky tree aquarium.  It. Was. AMAZING. It had penguins, jellyfish, sharks…everything! ↴



Followed by a small penguin-themed dinner right before going to the Sky tree ^^. This is actually a smoked bread bun with sweetened read bean paste inside if you’re wondering. ↴


Alright, finally tower time! This tower is actually bigger than the Tokyo tower, it’s around 500 meters or so, and the elevator in it goes up at an amazing speed of 600 m/minute!  ↴


Amazing view from the top!! ✿ ↴


Guess what I had for dinner ♥

Did I mention that I love the desserts here? Like every cafe has amazingly tasty looking cakes and desserts. Today while walking around in Ikebukuro we discovered one cafe that serves Ice Cream Sundaes!  Of course “we” (me) couldn’t resist, and that’s where we had dinner. Let’s just say that one dessert is so filling and huge, I have no idea how people can eat this with or after a meal!! Take a look!

The Restaurant display ↴


How can one eat this beautiful work of art? ↴




Tokyo Tower!


As we continue our story where we last left off, with my hopes of getting a glimpse of the Tokyo Tower, we actually went so far to go all the way to the top! On the way to the tower we stopped by some J-people ^^ With my promise of including more of them in my blog I kindly asked them for a picture together. They were so sweet and even let me sit with them! ^^ It was the moment of my life~ haha!


Oh..and on the other side of this park ^.^ We see the Tokyo Tower!! ↴


Okay, one moment please. *runs in circles screaming like a fangirl* Okay, phew, shall we continue? Later on we had an awesome pancake lunch inside one of the tower’s restaurants ^-^ It was amazing, and so yummy! ↴




Then, after that, did we go up to the tower’s top? Well not yet ^^ there was a wonderful aquarium at the very base of the tower, so we had to check it out first! ↴




↳ After such a wonderful time at the aquarium we were exhausted, but since we’ve only been at the base of the tower we decided to not give up and get the tickets for the top! ^-^ ↴


↳ Off we go!


↳ That view!!

Will post more pictures soon! ✿

The convenience store

I must admit, I am now an addict of the bread that they sell at the convenience stores here. It’s amazing, cheap, filling and a perfect substitute for breakfast/lunch/dinner/whatever! Today I bought this huge bun, it has some sugar on top and is sweet, but not too sweet *-*. I also bought TOKYO ViVi, a (montly?) book that comes out in Japan about western and Japanese fashion smashed together. Now I wouldn’t usually buy this kind of book but this time they had Sailor Moon on the cover! And of course I can’t resist buying that ^^.


Finally arrived!

After a tiresome trip we’re finally here 😀 I was soo excited when we arrived in Tokyo that when we left the airport, I forgot my laptop in the airport hall (!!!). Thankfully my brain started working again before we got on the taxi, and guess what, none had touched my laptop 🙂

We also had a small trip to the convenience store, so this is what im chewing on now:

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What did I do a year ago?

After starting up my drive I found some pics from last year’s Japan event in Paris at Jardin d’Acclimatation. This is also where my obsession for Bento(s) started. If you don’t know it by now, a Bento is like a lunch box, just divided into small sections for meat, rice, vegetables and pretty much anything edible.  In Japan they like do make their Bentos extra cute by decorating it in many different ways. Last year I had a Hello Kitty bento and it was amazing, after that me and prince decided to explore Paris and find other Bento places, and we did ^^ now we eat Bento out very often. I also interacted with some weird birds and checked out the adorable Japanese jewelry at Jardin d’Acclimatation, I really hope they do a similar event this year ^-^ Down below some of my favorite pictures from then: