Hey Pumpkins!

Don’t worry I didn’t run out of pictures from Japan ;). I feel like I should let you into my daily current life as well. So what did I do today then? Wellp. I worked, don’t ask why, this whole weekend thing sometimes doesn’t apply to me, which is sad since I get less time for studying, oh well, enough with the nagging because what I really wanted to show you was what I had for dessert today ^^. I’d also like to show you one of the mini figures that I bought in Akiba! Here we go~

Om nom nom nom *-*


My Lucky Star figure ^^. I never really got into the anime itself but I found this figure to be so adorable so I felt the need of getting it~


Weekly Show off – Sailor Moon Figures!

Hey Pumpkins!

How are you today? As for me I’m super tired after the trip way back home, and the jet lag seems to have kicked in since I fell asleep at 20:00 yesterday! Then I woke up 5 hours later and had a pizza...Anyway! Today I’m gonna show off a couple of things that I bought In Akiba when we were in Japan. And I guess I might as well start off with a couple of some Sailor Moon figures ^^ here I present you with Moon and Chibi Moon in their trademark pose!

Tsuki ni kawatte, Oshioki Yo!


And the adorable Sailor Moon folder in the background that I couldn’t resist buying ^^;


Figure collection – Ranka Lee

I’m not actually a figure collector, however I do buy the ones I find cute or from the Sailor Moon anime. This time I’m posting another figure that I bought of Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier. Even though I do not like mecha or sci-fi anime this one completely stole my heart. I guess you can say that it’s one of the few animes that I will re-watch ^^. Why? Because it’s very different, even if it’s in anime style, the characters do not act like anime characters usually do (such as making stupid faces, acting silly etc.) which makes it strange and mysterious in a way. Also the music is composed by Yoko Kanno which always leaves a very strong feeling in my heart. I will definitely watch more anime that has music composed by her. ✿