About an hour away from Tokyo on train there a very nice place called Kamakura. This place is filled with temples and lots of tourist view locations. We didn’t visit them all but what we saw we enjoyed a lot, I had a caramelized strawberry, something I’ve never tried before. I even met an adorable cat in one of the temples with whom I spent some time with. ^^ It was a wonderful sunny day with great weather and I wish to re-visit Kamakura in the future.

tama_03 tama_01 tama_04 tama_02 tama_05 tama_06

Tokyo dome city!!

Whaa I’m so happy! Yesterday I’ve yet again visited a Sailor Moon location in real life! This time it was Tokyo dome city which was featured in the anime episodes 190 and 195. You can see into the Tokyo dome where many baseball matches and events are held and if it’s open when you ride the Ferris wheel in the theme park. It’s an amazing huge space with attractions. We enjoyed it so much and of course I couldn’t stop fangirling ^^;

tdc_03 tdc_02 tdc_04 tdc_05 tdc_01

Easter at JOYPOLIS!

Happy Easter everyone, I know I’m late but here are some pictures of our Easter day. We spent it in an attraction park that was actually inside of the Odaiba mall! It had 3 floors and is called JOYPOLIS. Inside there are 3 floors with different kinds of attractions, like small(but very fast) roller coaster, 3d flying/floatin experience and lots of games. Also there was a souvenir store which I took care of well ^^ But I won’t show what I bought (yet). After that we went to a buffet, then we went to another mall, “Lala-port” and bought some Easter themed doughnuts! …I also met Marilyn Monroe and drooled at some pastries during our visits between the malls.

joypol_east_01joypol_east_02 joypol_east_03 joypol_east_04 joypol_east_05

Sunshine City Aquarium

Whoah! What a blast. We’ve visited an aquarium and a planetarium on the 9th floor of the building Sunshine City! It was huge, beautiful, and there were so many fishies. Not only that but they also put on a show when feeding the seals and the sea otters, the experience was unforgettable and I wish I would have come here earlier. This place is a must see for anyone who comes to Tokyo, it’s too amazing. Besides the aquarium they have a anime theme park on the 3rd floor, sadly we didn’t have time to visit it. They also had LOTS of restaurants and shopping on the other floors. In other words the building was busy.

I bought the sailor dress at one of my favorite stores here in japan, called World Wide Love! I won’t put any text any further in this post, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves! (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

2014_04_17_022014_04_17_04 2014_04_17_05 2014_04_17_06 2014_04_17_07 2014_04_17_08 2014_04_17_09 2014_04_17_010 2014_04_17_011 2014_04_17_01

Ferris Wheel in Kasai Rinkai Park

Hii there! And sorry for the slow update but I’ve got studies to do too you know? 😉 Anyway! Here are the pictures from the day we went to the Ferris Wheel, the weather was great and i filmed a little with my phone. It was very calm and nice and in the end i met a wonderful kitty with whom i shared my takoyaki with :3. All in all it was a wonderful day and I wish to return here someday!

This is how it looks like near the train station, I wanted to ride the wheel but first we went to look around the area.


Some filming done here and there to remember the place ^^ A picture won’t really describe it all will it?


The area nearby smells like the sea and was huge with stones and sea shells, bugs and all. We didn’t spend much time there but it was still nice. ^^


Finally we get to ride the Ferris wheel~


I also met a hungry kitty, he was so sweet and friendly so I gave him some takoyaki that I had for lunch 🙂



Day 3 @ Inokashira Park Zoo

Yesterday was great! We went to a zoo with various animals ^^. They were all so adorable and in the end I even got to hold a guinea pig. For being tourists we got a 10% discount for the entrance which was nice, not that it was expensive to begin with, instead of 400 Yens each we paid 360. I love how most attractions and food in japan are so cheap! As a european you can expect to pay at least 50euros to visit a zoo in europe for example. The weather was amazing, a little hot now and then but we had drinks to cool down with, also there are vending machines and toilets everywhere!

So this is when we got out of the station after a long time of looking for the right train to go to the place ^_~.


The town looks so traditional, like in animes and movies.


Yay! We’re in.


First up were the penguins!


Then there were those Fennek foxes, they were all sleeping. They were so tiny and adorable!


Visiting a squirrel mini-garden and this lil guy decides to lay down nearby ^^


Me holding the guinea pig, I could feel its heart beating like crazy when i picked it up but after a while it calmed down with me ^^


We had a nice lil break in the shadows.


Off to sleep I go, it’s 1 AM here! Good night ^^/

Japan day 2 part 2 ❤

So here are some more pics from today! These are higher quality since the earlier ones were only taken with a phone cam. Enjoy!

This is at the park between Venus Fort and Rainbow Bridge!


Statue of liberty? ^^


Tried reincarnating last years picture with the Tsubaki Flower

I can’t get enough of this beautiful park!


And this is when we had lunch & dessert at Maidreamin:



I was so tired after all this shopping! Also apparently I’m in Italy? ;D (Inside of Venus Fort)


What’s up with all the masks?

Something that I’ve only seen in Japan. Some people were wearing a mask! Well, it does look strange, but after I came to Japan I learned that it’s a very hygienic country. These face masks are worn by sick people to not spread their cold or whatever other virus they might be having. Besides that it’s also forbidden to blow your nose in public, and the train stations have signs that encourage everyone to cover their mouth while coughing. I find this to be so interesting and useful at the same time! Right now we have so many germs being spread everywhere in Europe for example. Also it’s kinda gross hearing people coughing and blowing their nose in public. Well done Japan!

mask1 mask2


Japanese Kitty!

So while being around the Hikawa Shrine area we also saw a random Japanese cat ^-^. It was too adorable, I wish I had one of those.  I think we spent at least one hour playing with it! It wasn’t really super friendly either, it was just sitting and waiting to be interacted with..



Hikawa shrine!

What? You thought I had died? Nononono. Let me tell you my pumpkins: I’ve actually been busy with work. Why yes I’ve been working for 2 weeks without any day off! Which also affected my studies for I have a lot to catch up on now. That Aside I’d like to let you guys know that I still have a lot of pictures  from Japan to post, I just haven’t found the time to post them yet <3. Right now I will show you some pictures from when me and prince visited the Hikawa shrine! Yes that temple from Sailor Moon. It was magical, like walking straight into a Sailor Moon episode!

hikawa_2 hikawa_3 hikawa4

 hikawa_1 hikawa_5