The beauty of SHIBUYA109

Hello there pumpkins!

Today I wanted to show you some more pics from Shibuya. A place where all the shopping crazy young girls hang out. A place that I decided to revisit at least twice. Why? Well manly because of SHIBUYA109.

Night picture of Shibuya street, you can see the SHIBUYA109 building in the background. ^^


And this is me outside of the huge building SHIBUYA109, a department store with many many small stores with fashion for girls between the ages 15-30. Pretty and pricey too…


Some Japanese girls that are just randomly hanging around outside of SHIBUYA109. I noticed many of them wear high heeled shoes most of the time.


(I also made a friend who works in one of the SHIBUYA109 stores there with whom I got a picture. I’m not sure if I should put this picture up here though so I’ll just keep it for myself this time. Sorry ;()

If I was born in Japan ✿ part 2 ✿

The funny poses the girls make on TV wouldn’t surprise me, in fact I’d probably do them myself. 


After School I would go with my friends to a game hall and try to win one of these…


…But with my luck I would instead win one of these!


I’d probably be better at drawing too thanks to the anime culture.


…And shopping


And often see cars promoting new restaurants with their catchy loud music and creative ways!


To be continued ✿

A day spent in Osaka

Hey pumpkins!
Today I will tell you a little about our little trip in Osaka. But before that, I must say: It really doesn’t matter where you land in Japan, for example Osaka had real good food places (if not better than Tokyo). And the anime merchandise there was pretty much equal to Tokyo’s “Akiba”. Next time we go to Japan we might not be so picky about where in Japan we stop and stay. ^^

Just me in a typical street in Osaka. ^^ The weather is amazing!


Anime Store welcome Poster.


Huge street with stores and restaurants somewhere in Osaka.


Waaaah! Ice cream machine~ We didn’t really buy one since we were looking for an actual lunch place, and sadly we didn’t have the time to come back and buy ice cream after our tour.


If I was born in japan..

If I was born in Japan, manga and anime would have become a part of my life early.


I would need an umbrella pretty often, and feel bad about it when I wouldn’t have one. 


I would laugh with my friends in my school uniform…^^


And enjoy a wonderful bento now and then, without having to go too far from home.


I would be able to shop beautiful clothes, without having to order them online. 


To be continued…✿

Tokyo at night ☽

I just noticed that I haven’t really posted many night pictures. Which is sad because Tokyo is such a beautiful country, even at night! I feel like it’s so beautiful that it’s illegal sometimes, especially with the sakura trees blooming. So here are a few pics of Tokyo at night, including the beautiful moon. ^^


tokyonight1  tokyonight2



Q&A – Various things in Japan

Heya Pumpkins!
Today I will answer some commonly asked questions that I’ve been asked about my japan trip. If you have any of your own, please ask me in the comments or to my mail/FB/skype ^^, if it’s a question that I feel will be asked more than once I’ll include it in my next future posts (unless you wouldn’t want to, then let me know). Here we go~

Q: What did you like the most with your Japan trip?
A: I can’t really say anything in particular since everything has felt so amazing to me. I enjoyed the endless attractions, the bunny island, the restaurants (and the food), the people, the temples and the culture and so much more. This question can be asked to me everyday and there will be a different answer to it everytime it’s asked! But for now let’s say the bunny island was my best experience, neh? ♡

Q: Did you visit any museum?
A: We were planing on going to the Animation museum and the SEGA museum but we didn’t have enough time to do so sadly :(.

Q: Can you show us some more pictures?
A: I have way to many pictures to include them all at once in here, if you have any particular request I might have pictures of that ^^.

Q: Did they have -anime name- and -anime name 2- stuff?
A: It really depends on what anime you’re looking for, the newest animes obviously have more merch than the old animes. But I’d say Japan has something for everyone’s anime taste.

Q: Did you buy anything Sailor Moon or any other anime related?
A: Why yes and yes I did! Pictures will be coming in the future ^.^.

Q: Did you talk to people? In Japanese?
A: Yes, of course. Mostly in places where we ordered food or ask to try clothes in clothing stores. I met a girl working in a store who was totally into Sailor Moon so we had hours of fun with talking about that ^^. Thankfully her boss didn’t seem to mind.

Q: Did you get into any troubles?
A: Not really, everyone seemed so nice and everything was so peaceful. I feel like I’m lying but I’m not.

Q: Tell us a random story!
A: Well I found an iPod on one of the seats near the SkyTree. I thought it was pretty strange that none else cared about it and just walked past it, something that would never happen in Europe (or any other continent, hahaha!). I ended up giving it to the police man nearby who also keeps track of lost and found items (obviously). Here is how I found it:


Palette Town Ferris Wheel

As you’re reading this I’m probably on the plane on my way back to France now since this is a time set post. I do however wanna let you guys know that I will be coming back next year since me and my prince feel like we’re not finished here. We want to see so much more of Japan and its beauty, it feels endless to us. Not even one single day was spent indoors besides for sleeping and blogging. That’s why we’re planning our next trip to be by the end of April 2014 ^^. So what did we do earlier today you ask? Well, besides Shibuya we went to the  Tokyo Palette Town Ferris Wheel. It’s a huge wheel that shines in many colors and patterns. Of course we had to take a ride in this beautiful piece of art.




Amazing view is amazing! I love the lights that shape the heart, they kept changing color!


Okunoshima! ✿

And the picture spam continues ♥! After the day at Kyoto we spent the next day at Okunoshima. A small island that requires a 12 minute ferry ride from Tadanoumi. What’s so special with Okunoshima then? Well..It’s full of ♥ bunnies ♥ . Hungry ♥ bunnies ♥ that are used to tourists coming by and feeding them. I wasn’t very well prepared for the feeding part and I did feel a little lost when all the bunnies kept coming to me for food, in the end I did get a carrot from other tourists and also bought bunny food at a hotel nearby to feed them with. Here is a picture spam of 1000% adorableness!


Where are the bunnies~ Aha!



Finally feeding time for real~


What? You haven’t seen enough? Here you go.


Bf: No, I don’t have food for you ;p


Lastly I enjoyed a curry rice meal and an ice cream with the best view I’ve ever had, a field full of bunnies!


At Kyoto ✿

Ohai there!
Me and my prince took the JR Shinkansen train and went straight for Kyoto. We didn’t have any particular place to visit there so we just walked around. We were kinda lucky since there were some things to see near the station, especially temples and large field areas. We were however unlucky with the windy weather that started now and then. ^_~

Ok, it’s almost impossible to keep the eyes open with that wind ><, But here I am with a dragon fountain in one of the temple areas


On the way to the next temple we went souvenir shopping ^^

(Don’t worry pumpkins, I will make blog posts in the future of the stuff I’ve bought in Japan.)


Finally arrived to the next temple~


The Sakura still bloom in Kyoto, we also saw some beautifully Kimono dressed girls



✿ Street lights ✿ request

Hello pumpkins!

I’m back from Osaka now and I will post pics soon I promise ^-^. As for now I will post pictures from an interesting request that I got from my precious friend Natalia who requested street lights! I must say I haven’t looked for any but we did however catch some pics of random streetlights. Here is a normal street light followed by typical Japanese street lights, I must say, I love those paper lights to death!

A street light that we’re used to see, however surrounded by blooming sakura trees


Various typical Japanese street lights, click images the for bigger pics.