Top 10 things about Sweden

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Here is a new thing I’m gonna start to blog about, I call it top 10 things. Here I will make short top 10 lists about a specified topic. Today’s topic is about Sweden since that’s where I grew up and is one of my favorite countries. I will try to avoid personal preferences like friends and family since they’re pretty obvious. So let’s get started shall we?! (Number 1 being my most favorite of course ^_~)

10. The Calmness
I must say, getting out of Sweden was a big hit..To my ears! Living in a big city like Paris also comes with lots of noisy cars, or metros or basically anywhere you go. In sweden matters are quite different, I came from a small town so that might me why. I’ve however heard of Stockholm people letting me know that in their ears the country is relatively calm as well.

9. The Hard Workers
I don’t know how, I don’t know why but swedish people are very punctual. If you’re invited to someones home at 18:00 that’s exactly when you will be there. I find myself feeling very bad durng the times I’ve been late and try to avoid it at any cost. Doing your best at work is always very rewarding too, workers get nice premium christmas “presents” like expensive fish and other stuff. I don’t think that’s the reason to why they work so hard though, I think the workers invironment plays a big role since the bosses don’t tend to be strict or “evil” like in many cases. The colleagues also get along usually -drama free-.

8. The Education
Everyone has a right to education right? I know in many schools over the world the education costs 0 to very little. That is the case in sweden as well, universities counted in. Obviously it’s not “free”, but the tax money goes there instead and I think it’s a very good priority for the country’s future.

7. The Food varieties
Have a lactose intollerant stomache? Can’t stand gluten? Well, you’re in luck since most swedish stores do sell lactose and gluten free products. Moreover, some cafés and restaurants do serve lactose and gluten-free as well!

6. The Summer
Swedish summers are beautiful, rarely seen but beautiful. You will not get tanned but the sun is very nice and warm. During the summer we eat a lot of ice cream, there are so many variations in the stores and restaurants. My absolute favourite one is he bluebrry ice cream with Daim chocolate sprinkles ^^.

5. The ‘Studiebidrag’
As a student in Sweden you get a small amount of money every month, this is called ‘Studiebidrag’. The money is supposed to cover small expenses but shall you live alone there is also a loan available. The Studiebidrag is around 300€ every month and will be paid to you as a student if you study well.

4. The ‘Semlor’ & ‘Pepparkakor’

These are common sweets served during february and christmas. Semlor are buns filled with sweet almond icing and cream and have a little ‘bun hat’ on top as a decoration. Pepparkakor are basically gingerbread cookies, very often consumed in christmas, however I consume them all the time since they’re a little spicy and very addicting ^^.

3. The Prices and discounts
In swedish stores, if some food is getting bad you will get an amazing discount on that product. Sometimes you could pay around 5 kr (0,5€) for a pack of butter or 3kr (0,30 €) for 3 pastries! A similar discount is used on clothes in clothing stores that are getting out of season, you could get clothing for 10-50kr (1-5 €) brand new and branded even!

2. The Literature variation

Every book released in Sweden is borrowable in the library, you can also find them online as e-books or even sound books, it’s amazing since it’s free and a good way of getting a taste of the culture without spending a lot of money. If I could open a teleporting portal right not it would lead to a Swedish library!!

1. The Healthcare

Life would be tough if good healthcare was hard to come by right? Again, the tax money pay most of our healthcare in Sweden and man are there good doctors. My brother was born with a broken stomache and had to have urgent surgery. Every cost was covered and my parents were put together with him on a helicopter to stocholm to meat a specialist. Everything went smoothly and he is now fine and healthy. I’m putting this as number obviously! ^_^

Nail stamps! \ (•◡•) /

Speaking of nail decorations, as I was walking around in Japan expo 2013 this year I discovered the nail stamp art, also known as Konad. It’s actually a very creative way of doing your nails if you’re tired of just painting them in different colors day in and day out. With Konad it’s actually very easy to make your nails look differently, it just takes a little while to get the hang of it. I’m not sure if I’m using exactly the brand “Konad” either. I did get 11 pattern plates and the stamp for about 4 euros on Amazon, I can easily say it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. (>‿◠)

The patterns are on a metal plate, on these you pick your preferred pattern and paint it over with nail polish. I picked H&M’s white simple nail polish.  


Remove that overflowing mess and put the beautiful pattern on the stamp!


And the outcome~ ≧◉◡◉≦


Angel’s bubbles

Oh hai Pumpkins!

Today I will show you a drawing that I’ve been working on since yesterday! I’m so glad I could find some time to draw with all this studying. The drawing’s character is made up by me and her name is Angelica. I decided to combine bubbles and wings somehow in the end and that’s where we get the background.


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