Hachiko statue – Request

Yoho pumpkins!

I did not forget about the Hachiko statue request, but we haven’t been in Shibuya for a while so today we went there for some last minute shopping before we go back to France. Here is the statue of the legendary dog that waited for its owner every day at the train station, and continued doing so after the owner’s death. Dogs are amazing!


✿ Street lights ✿ request

Hello pumpkins!

I’m back from Osaka now and I will post pics soon I promise ^-^. As for now I will post pictures from an interesting request that I got from my precious friend Natalia who requested street lights! I must say I haven’t looked for any but we did however catch some pics of random streetlights. Here is a normal street light followed by typical Japanese street lights, I must say, I love those paper lights to death!

A street light that we’re used to see, however surrounded by blooming sakura trees


Various typical Japanese street lights, click images the for bigger pics.


Hotel breakfast & old people – Request

Hello there pumpkins! (cause pumpkins sounds better than “people” :D)
Today I will post some pictures of our hotel breakfast and old people like I was requested ^.^. Let’s just say that the hotel breakfast is nice, you can pick to have croissants, buns (with butter), yogurt, flakes, miso soup, tea, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs and similar stuff ^^ Its not big but great since otherwise I’d stuff myself like crazy in the morning and then feel bad for the rest of the day haha..

Down below we’re having sausages, eggs, potatoes, miso soup, orange juice and water.


Here’s a couple of pics of sweet Japanese old people <3 ↴



Yebisu Garden Place Statue – Request


Today I decided to complete the request of my dear friend “little pie” who wanted pics of the Yebisu Garden Place statue ^^. Sadly the weather didn’t allow me to get closer to it as it was raining all day, but I did my best!




Shirt and bag were bought at Shibuya 109 ↴



Japanese money, view and reception! – Request

Here are some things people seem to wanna see ^-^ First, let me make a small review about Japanese money! Firstly there are coins, a lot of coins. I don’t like carrying around coins but most stores want you to pay in cash so it can’t be helped neh? Here are the Yens:


➥ If we say the 500 Yen coin equals to 5 euros the rest should be easy to figure out^^.  On this picture we have 50, 100, 10, 500, 5 and 1 Yens.


➥ Here we have 1000, 5000 and 10000 yens ^^ 5000 Yens are around 50 euros, 10 000 are about 100 euros so don’t be scared off with numbers :D. I find the people on the pics amazingly handsome, the 1000 yen  bill’s person reminds me of Tony Stark from IronMan :D.


➥ As you guys can see the ~view~ from our hotel room is just another building, nothing interesting, I guess we weren’t very lucky with that ^^. I think people who travel to a hotel just to have an awesome view are silly, as for me we’re almost never home cause we’re exploring the country all day long, besides the nights when it’s time to sleep. If I was living here I’d want a better view though ^^;.


➥ And here is the hotel reception ^^ I choose to censor the hotel name, I don’t want you guys to have a bad impression from what I showed earlier (with the view). Also the staff and service is amazing, I’ll definitely be coming back here in the future ^-^.


Good morning! (night for you guys)

My dear friend Natalia suggested that I include more pictures of J-people, which I think is  a wonderful idea! And will do from now on ^-^. Is there anything else special that you people would wanna see? Any requests? There’s a lot of stuff to take pics of, so I’ll try to include a little bit of everything. But If you have any requests I’ll make it my mission <3 Don’t be shy and tell me what you want!  (I always read your sweet comments ;D)


Some adorable japanese kids collecting the sakura leaves on the field ^-^


What’s going on? Such adorable uniforms <3