The earthquake

I wasn’t in Tokyo when it happened but I feel for the people who had to experience it. I must have been very frightening for them. I really hope no serious injuries were made, I’m glad no deaths occured. The people of this country are such beautiful beings, if I could protect them from the earthquakes, I would, every day, always and forever. I was recently watching videos from the big March 11 earhquake that occured 2011 and it made me really emotional. I hope no such disasters will occur ever again because the Japanese don’t deserve any piece of it. I also admire them for recovering so fast with buildings and bridges after big disasters like these, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger I guess. And somewhere deep inside I know these people are very strong and driven with will power. Japanese people are amazing! My respect goes out to them all! 🙂


Old picture drawn by me ^^.

Day 2

So today we planned to go to Venus Fort, a very nice looking shopping mall, we first stopped at the park close to the mall and rainbow bridge and took some pics. Then it was time to move on. We walked and walked and finally saw the name Venus fort. As we were walking towards it I saw a transformer statue so amazing that we had to go and take some pictures of it. That’s where we discovered a well hidden mall:


So we went there first and boy did I buy amazing clothes there! I will reveal them later on. I also bought some adorable souvenirs, candies, snacks and stickers. When it was time for lunch we went to a super adorable maid cafe, it was a very interesting experience sine they kept calling me queen and applauding everytime I told them the food was nice. They were
basically hanging around us and other guys who were eating there as well. Asking stuff and starting conversations. Here are some pictures from there and a flowery beautiful tree we spotted at the park nearby:

In short it was a very nice day that also ate most of my energy. I will now try to study to get something productive done. (─‿‿─)

My first day in Japan ^^

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tired, I’ve been awake since 7 in the morning European time after all. We went to Amsterdam then to Tokyo Narita. Amsterdam had such a beautiful airport, sadly we didn’t have the time to stay there other than run to our transit flight fast and crazily after that we had a 10:30 hour flight to Japan. I’ve got the cutest bento at the plane, I might review it later ^^ so we arrived in the end. Sadly we had come too early (10am!) and we couldn’t check in till 15. So we had a quick lunch from the nearest convenience store and went off to Akihabara. The day was amazing, and even if I haven’t gotten much sleep I’m happy as can be!!


New theme! ^o^

Lets refresh this site a lil shall we? I really wanted something lighter and more fresh. This theme was not made by me but the cupcake is adorable! Anyway as you probably know I will be leaving to Japan again, this month in fact. And we will be away for 4 weeks this time ^^. I will of course post pics here as well as on my Instagram so feel free to check out both since they won’t always be the same!  But for now have a very good evening. ^-^/



For all this time, at our dish place, there has been an apple seed, apparently this apple seed has been evolving, probably before we even went to Japan. And today was when I noticed it, it has become a mini plant! I couldn’t beleive my eyes at first, I thought it was salad but when I took a closer look, it’s actually a growing seed! How on earth? I guess it gets all its liquid from the kitchen since we wash the dishes twice/day. But that it would grow? Wow! Pics below. (Excuse the mess)


On this pic you can actually’s two seeds!


Of course we put it in a more plant friendly place with earth and such ^^ I hope it grows well!


Boarding time!

And off I go, see you guys when I’m in Japan ^^ Air China’s plane is huge! I did expect it to have 2 floors though, this one only has one. But now, time for a 10h trip….. (by the way, they have pacman!!!)..

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Finally opened for public!

Welcome to my official blog peeps! Here I shall post pics from my daily life. Since I will be going to Japan now on Tuesday I’ll try to update the blog at least twice/day with pics and daily adventures. The reason I’m keeping it in English (even though I’m Swedish)  is because I have a lot of non Swedish speaking friends whom I’d like to spare from using Google translate and getting weird translations about the content I post. In short I want the majority of people I know to be able to enjoy this blog ^^. The art on this blog will always be drawn by me unless it’s a photograph I took or similar. So well, enjoy! And check back for daily updates 😀 Full header picture below.


My babies.

I love the Sailor Moon necklaces made by KumaCrafts <3 I bought pretty much all of them besides a few. Of course I will be wearing them in japan ^^ who knows’ maybe I’ll attract some Sailor Moon fans? I wonder if the people in japan still remember this anime as old as it is. Anyway, here are some pics of a few of them ^^



Rain rain go away

Today’s weather was really annoying, it’s like the sky couldn’t decide what to do. First we had some crazy rain going on for 20 mins, then we had sun, then back to raining just with the sun still shining. We did capture some pretty pictures of our window though ^^ Down bellow are pics taken of our window glass, my monkey-sticker’s face expression matches the weather really well.