Easter at JOYPOLIS!

Happy Easter everyone, I know I’m late but here are some pictures of our Easter day. We spent it in an attraction park that was actually inside of the Odaiba mall! It had 3 floors and is called JOYPOLIS. Inside there are 3 floors with different kinds of attractions, like small(but very fast) roller coaster, 3d flying/floatin experience and lots of games. Also there was a souvenir store which I took care of well ^^ But I won’t show what I bought (yet). After that we went to a buffet, then we went to another mall, “Lala-port” and bought some Easter themed doughnuts! …I also met Marilyn Monroe and drooled at some pastries during our visits between the malls.

joypol_east_01joypol_east_02 joypol_east_03 joypol_east_04 joypol_east_05

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