Ferris Wheel in Kasai Rinkai Park

Hii there! And sorry for the slow update but I’ve got studies to do too you know? 😉 Anyway! Here are the pictures from the day we went to the Ferris Wheel, the weather was great and i filmed a little with my phone. It was very calm and nice and in the end i met a wonderful kitty with whom i shared my takoyaki with :3. All in all it was a wonderful day and I wish to return here someday!

This is how it looks like near the train station, I wanted to ride the wheel but first we went to look around the area.


Some filming done here and there to remember the place ^^ A picture won’t really describe it all will it?


The area nearby smells like the sea and was huge with stones and sea shells, bugs and all. We didn’t spend much time there but it was still nice. ^^


Finally we get to ride the Ferris wheel~


I also met a hungry kitty, he was so sweet and friendly so I gave him some takoyaki that I had for lunch 🙂



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