Hotel breakfast & old people – Request

Hello there pumpkins! (cause pumpkins sounds better than “people” :D)
Today I will post some pictures of our hotel breakfast and old people like I was requested ^.^. Let’s just say that the hotel breakfast is nice, you can pick to have croissants, buns (with butter), yogurt, flakes, miso soup, tea, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs and similar stuff ^^ Its not big but great since otherwise I’d stuff myself like crazy in the morning and then feel bad for the rest of the day haha..

Down below we’re having sausages, eggs, potatoes, miso soup, orange juice and water.


Here’s a couple of pics of sweet Japanese old people <3 ↴



2 thoughts on “Hotel breakfast & old people – Request

  1. Breakfast is very rich compared to european level. I’d have miso every day!:) Pic is sweet. In hotels I used to drink coffee daily f or breakfast because of killin tiredness. I like the pic of the the old man:) thank you guys:)))

    • It depends where in europe you have your breakfast of course :3 if you check into a swedish hotel you will have a huge breakfast, with fruits, sandwiches, eggs, many kinds of flakes, cherries (and other berries) and so on.

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