So why aren’t I publishing this blog right now?

I’m at day 2, but you guys won’t see this until way later, so why do I bother? Obviously when I launch this blog I want it to be as close to perfect as possible, I’ll also launch it a few days before my Japan trip. So why not give you guys something to read? :3 So besides testing this blog/changing fonts/adjusting layouts and so on I’m currently also studying for my Java programming exam that will be taking place on the 22nd March. After I launch this blog I’ll want it to be kept well updated which is not really possible right now cuz of all the studying I got going on here, but once the test is over..well, you won’t know, but you might just MIGHT scroll down to this 2nd post I ever made and if you did, Congratulations!

So here are my current tools:


I bought this beautiful Sailor Moon textbook from an Italian online anime store called Muscara, the Sailor Moon pen was gifted to me by my handsome prince, in fact he gave me around 200 Sailor Moon pens on my birthday, not all of them are the same ^^ so well, back to studying I go.

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