So what about the Tokyo SKYTREE

Hiya pumpkins!

Today we spent half of the day in Shinjuku, I was desperately looking for some shopping to do before going to the Tokyo Sky Tree, sadly I didn’t find anything to my liking, and the most stores were western, such as GAP, Adidas and so on, I came looking for Japanese fashion after all.. And my wish was granted, for I bought some stuff at the Solamachi mall near the Sky Tree tower ^^.

First we had a ~lunch~ in Shinjuku in some random cafe. Ain’t it amazing being an adult? This could easily be my lunch everyday ♡ ↴



Later on, after some shopping we moved on to the Sky tree aquarium.  It. Was. AMAZING. It had penguins, jellyfish, sharks…everything! ↴



Followed by a small penguin-themed dinner right before going to the Sky tree ^^. This is actually a smoked bread bun with sweetened read bean paste inside if you’re wondering. ↴


Alright, finally tower time! This tower is actually bigger than the Tokyo tower, it’s around 500 meters or so, and the elevator in it goes up at an amazing speed of 600 m/minute!  ↴


Amazing view from the top!! ✿ ↴


2 thoughts on “So what about the Tokyo SKYTREE

  1. Amazing post *___* Food, aquarium, tower. I used to think skytree tower was still too much overcrowded with visitors cause it opened not while ago. Still you reached it. Xavier must have time of his life now with the camera, all these EPIC places….

    • Thank you! Yes it was a little crowded to get up to the tower, still, I must say, they handle it so well! It’s like they sort people who are going up, down, or staying. Also the place is so huge, there is plenty of place to move around in inside the tower. Not even the streets are crowded. I find it hard to believe that this is Japan.

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