Hey Pumpkins!

Don’t worry I didn’t run out of pictures from Japan ;). I feel like I should let you into my daily current life as well. So what did I do today then? Wellp. I worked, don’t ask why, this whole weekend thing sometimes doesn’t apply to me, which is sad since I get less time for studying, oh well, enough with the nagging because what I really wanted to show you was what I had for dessert today ^^. I’d also like to show you one of the mini figures that I bought in Akiba! Here we go~

Om nom nom nom *-*


My Lucky Star figure ^^. I never really got into the anime itself but I found this figure to be so adorable so I felt the need of getting it~


4 thoughts on “Sunday-workday

    • I noticed that the best way for me to lose weight is studying, the more time I spend studying the more weight I lose @_@ Must be the stress burning all the calories..

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