Sunshine City Aquarium

Whoah! What a blast. We’ve visited an aquarium and a planetarium on the 9th floor of the building Sunshine City! It was huge, beautiful, and there were so many fishies. Not only that but they also put on a show when feeding the seals and the sea otters, the experience was unforgettable and I wish I would have come here earlier. This place is a must see for anyone who comes to Tokyo, it’s too amazing. Besides the aquarium they have a anime theme park on the 3rd floor, sadly we didn’t have time to visit it. They also had LOTS of restaurants and shopping on the other floors. In other words the building was busy.

I bought the sailor dress at one of my favorite stores here in japan, called World Wide Love! I won’t put any text any further in this post, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves! (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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2 thoughts on “Sunshine City Aquarium

    • I had no idea of the name but thanks for telling me! I just call it Mudkips, the pokemon that was based off this little creature ^^. I didn’t catch any pics of the planetarium since it was too dark but Xavier might have some later on his blog? If not I’ll see if there is a decent pic of it somewhere 🙂

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