A day at the Cat Cafe!

Today we went to two different cat cafes in Ikebukuro ^^ the first one was “Nekorobi” and the other one “Nekobukuro”. If you don’t already know, “neko” means cat in Japanese, therefore it’s a fun wordplay to name it Nekobukuro :D. I will now let the pictures speak and the cats melt your hearts, because they were adorable as cake~!

Entrance to the Nekorobi Cat Cafe ↴






Cat relaxing on worker’s back ^^↴


Finally opened for public!

Welcome to my official blog peeps! Here I shall post pics from my daily life. Since I will be going to Japan now on Tuesday I’ll try to update the blog at least twice/day with pics and daily adventures. The reason I’m keeping it in English (even though I’m Swedish)  is because I have a lot of non Swedish speaking friends whom I’d like to spare from using Google translate and getting weird translations about the content I post. In short I want the majority of people I know to be able to enjoy this blog ^^. The art on this blog will always be drawn by me unless it’s a photograph I took or similar. So well, enjoy! And check back for daily updates 😀 Full header picture below.