The convenience store

I must admit, I am now an addict of the bread that they sell at the convenience stores here. It’s amazing, cheap, filling and a perfect substitute for breakfast/lunch/dinner/whatever! Today I bought this huge bun, it has some sugar on top and is sweet, but not too sweet *-*. I also bought TOKYO ViVi, a (montly?) book that comes out in Japan about western and¬†Japanese¬†fashion smashed together. Now I wouldn’t usually buy this kind of book but this time they had Sailor Moon on the cover! And of course I can’t resist buying that ^^.


3 thoughts on “The convenience store

  1. Sounds yummy!
    AND OH MY GOSH <3 I would have bought it too xD So cuuuuteeee! Wheeee and its with Pegasus <3 *-*

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