The earthquake

I wasn’t in Tokyo when it happened but I feel for the people who had to experience it. I must have been very frightening for them. I really hope no serious injuries were made, I’m glad no deaths occured. The people of this country are such beautiful beings, if I could protect them from the earthquakes, I would, every day, always and forever. I was recently watching videos from the big March 11 earhquake that occured 2011 and it made me really emotional. I hope no such disasters will occur ever again because the Japanese don’t deserve any piece of it. I also admire them for recovering so fast with buildings and bridges after big disasters like these, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger I guess. And somewhere deep inside I know these people are very strong and driven with will power. Japanese people are amazing! My respect goes out to them all! 🙂


Old picture drawn by me ^^.

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