What’s up with all the masks?

Something that I’ve only seen in Japan. Some people were wearing a mask! Well, it does look strange, but after I came to Japan I learned that it’s a very hygienic country. These face masks are worn by sick people to not spread their cold or whatever other virus they might be having. Besides that it’s also forbidden to blow your nose in public, and the train stations have signs that encourage everyone to cover their mouth while coughing. I find this to be so interesting and useful at the same time! Right now we have so many germs being spread everywhere in Europe for example. Also it’s kinda gross hearing people coughing and blowing their nose in public. Well done Japan!

mask1 mask2


4 thoughts on “What’s up with all the masks?

  1. This explains it, indeed, these are very good manners. I understand when somebody needs to blow a nose, but coughing everywhere, always, they don’t bother to cover their months, even in overcrowded places. And men just spit on the ground all the time in public, arrggh. When do we learn from civilized countries?

    • I seriously thought I’d get sick when going to Japan, with the food, the air, the people and the different germs among them(+ my sucky immune system). But nop, I was perfectly fine every day, at all times!

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